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Lunch Times

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Student Lunchroom Prices

Adult $3.25

Lunch Schedule and Menu

     The School Operates a lunch room open to students, parents and faculty.  Parents are invited to eat lunch with their child at anytime but we request that you notify the office by 9:00 or simply let your child include you in our lunch county when you plan to eat with us.  This will help ensure that we have adequate amounts of food prepared.  This is even more critical during the holidays when we have several visitors.  Please stop by the office to sign in and receive a lunch room pass.  You child may sit in one of the special booths along the wall when a visitor comes and he/she may invite one or two friends to sit with them depending on the number of visitors because booths seat no more than four people.  

     Caldwell County Board of Education policy and federal school food service regulations prohibit the delivery of outside food to the students during lunch periods.  Students may still bring their lunches from home and you may still eat lunch with your child; however, please do not bring outside food into the cafeteria.  Carbonated drinks or drinks in glass containers will also be prohibited in the cafeteria.

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